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To give you a brief idea of our sites, here's a description of surf spots for the north and south swells...






















North of Baltra Island: Baltra Island has the main airport in the Galapagos with 3 regular flights a day in low season, and receiving up to 7 daily flights during high season. Baltra is a military airbase and 95% of the cruises start from here. Baltra is the only island that is not part of the national park and happens to have great waves so basically when you arrive to Baltra our surf guide will take the group straight to the yacht and we'll head 20 minutes to the north, here we will find good right handers in front of a desertic beautiful beach, however, it's good to mention that there is a rock bottom and the waves are an average of 6 feet.

Aeolian Cove: Still on Baltra Island, but going south, this place is very similar to north Baltra but is a left hander, rock bottom break, generally a big wall and average wave size is 6 feet. Keep in mind that here as well as in north Baltra, with a good north ondulation it can go up to 10 feet. Again, great scenery and most of the time you find sea lions riding the wave with you.

Salinas: A little further south from Aeolian this ia a classic long wave spot that provides a smooth ride along it´s long wall, 4 to 5 feet waves that are great for long board, this spilling break is one of the few places with sandy bottom in the Galapagos.


SAN CRISTOBAL ISLAND (also north swells)


Punta Carola: Carola is considered one of the best surf spots in Galapagos, just a 10 minutes boat ride East of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the predominant offshore winds create waves of up to 10 feet average, this hard core right hander moves along rock bottom, long wall ,again the best waves in San Cristobal.

Manglecito: This beautiful beach makes you feel like you just arrived in paradise, located 15 nautical miles or about one hour boat ride west of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno it's a perfect left hand in front of a pristine beach, rock bottom, hard core 6 foot waves and normally sea lions in the water with you.

El Cañón: A good alternative for surfing in the bay, this spot is only 5 minutes from town and is a left hand wave with a long wall over rock bottom, these waves grow up to 6 foot average. Write us at




On the same islands, San Cristobal, we have a couple of places in the event that the ocean conditions change and we have to surf the south side.

La Loberia: Located 10 minutes South West of Puerto Baquerizo this point break goes both left and right this is a perfect A frame shape wave which depending on the wind conditions we can find 6 foot waves, rock bottom.

Tongo Reef: A little further south from La Loberia it's a perfect left hand, long wall which breaks in 3 sections the last of which is a tube, no need to say, rock bottom.




42 nautical miles from San Cristobal and right in the center of the Galapagos is Puerto Ayora in Santa Cruz Island, this is the largest town in the islands with a population of over 15,000 people, it has a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and bars, basically lots of fun in town and good waves all around.

Cerro Gallina a.k.a. Chicken Hill: Moving west from Puerto Ayora, after about a 1 hour boat ride we will find this left hander with very long walls,this wave averages 6 feet, one of the main attractions is the incredible view you get from the waves.

Las Palmas: located 1 hour and 30 minutes from town going west we find Las Palmas ,a big, left drop with a big wall in the inside section, this wave gets a little bigger than the others going from 8 to 10 feet in average, definetly worth checking it out with a good south swell.

*There are many options in between that are good for exploring as we move north of Santa Cruz.




This island is becoming the hot spot in Galapagos due to its miles of white sand beaches right in front of Puerto Villamil the main town here with a population of around 1,000 people, very relaxing, however this island only has surfing with southern currents,if we have them these are the places.

Quinta Ola: Located 40 minutes west from Puerto Villamil, this wave is a left hander in perfect shape that averages 6 feet in size.

Playa Barahona: 10 minutes from Quinta Ola or 50 minutes from town, this wave has the same conditions as Quinta Ola.

Our guides are certified Galapagos National Park naturalist and surf guides with great surfing experience, high level skills, and knowledge, our mainland office also can take care of hotel reservations in the mainland and any other extentions you might need as well as tickets to Galapagos or around South America.

Please let us know if you need more information,we will be happy to help you.

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