Safety Procedures

Surf Galapagos has been operating tours and cruises in the Galapagos Islands for over 11 years and we have complete knowledge on procedures for any sort of emergency situations including crew members, training, as well as first aid logistics.

All of our crew members are prepared constantly by taking several types of courses offered by DIGMER which is the local marine authority and is approved by the I.M.O. International Marine Organization.

These training courses are held in the local port captain facilities and given by experts in each area. Furthermore, we count with all the communication equipment on board such as VHF, SSB radio and mobile phones. The training consists of: Safety procedures in case of fire on board, collision, abandon ship and man overboard, as well as emergency medical first aid procedures, CPR , broken bones, survival at sea, suturing, and minor injuries. Surf Galapagos is the only operator and yacht company that has its own 24 hour on call doctor in town ready to assist anybody in need of attention in case of major injuries.

Our doctor is based in Puerto Ayora. We have 2 speed boats with two 150hp outboard motors which can transport our doctor to any of the emergency location from 15 minutes to a maximum of 2 hours, as well as transporting the injured back to the hospital. All these details will be coordinated in combination with our Galápagos Operation office in Puerto Ayora.

In case of need to return to the mainland, our ground operations office in Quito is ready to have you on the first plane back to the mainland. We highly recommend to obtain the most complete travel insurance you can find in your country before arrival to Ecuador and the Galápagos.

Surf Galapagos can help with payments in case of non-acceptance of your insurance company based on cash and credit card payments invoices. During our 11 years of operation in the Galapagos Islands, we have been so lucky to have a record of zero accidents to passengers and crew (knock on wood).

However, it does not stop us to continuously keep training our personnel and crew in case of any situation.

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